Vitalink Foliar

Size: 250ml
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Calcium Rich Foliar Feed

  • Calcium rich supplement designed for foliar application

  • Boosts plant health and strength and supports vigorous growth

  • Increases resistance to pests and disease

VitaLink Foliar is a calcium-rich foliar feed, proven to help produce stronger and healthier plants. Plants require a large amount of calcium for the development of cell walls which keep the plants strong and healthy by increasing their resistance to pests, disease and drought. VitaLink Foliar is sprayed on the leaves of the plant to ensure that calcium reaches areas where it is needed, as calcium has poor mobility within plants. It also contains a wetting agent to improve absorption.

Contains nitrogen to aid in the production of chlorophyll, which is vitally important for photosynthesis and thus the overall health of your plants.

Usage instructions:

Apply as a spray, 50ml/L weekly. Use during prolonged vegetative growth or when deficiency is observed. Spray under low light intensity or just before your grow lights are due to turn off. Shake well before use.

VitaLink’s range of additives are specially designed to give optimum results when used alongside VitaLink nutrients.

Ideal for use in all systems and media.

Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

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