Vitalink Root Stim

Size: 250ml
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Vitalink RootStim is used for the stimulation of root growth.

Using premium quality seaweed extracts with their natural bio-stimulant properties and hormones, RootStim promotes quick, healthy, strong root development. It is ideal for use in the early stages of the growth cycle but can also be used throughout in smaller quantities to maintain root quality, therefore enhancing nutrient/water uptake.

  • Seaweed based root stimulant
  • Increases and improves root growth and development
  • Contains high quality seaweed extracts containing natural stimulants and hormones

VitaLink RootStim contains  Ascophyllum nodosum (seaweed) extract, a high quality extract containing natural stimulants and hormones. It is harvested from seaweed during the optimum period of the year to harness its finest nutritional properties. Includes carefully selected oligosaccharides to support the establishment of strong roots.

RootStim stimulates roots to grow stronger, longer and increases the formation of root hairs. Better roots mean better nutrient and water uptake, resulting in more vigorous growth and increased resistance to environmental stress.

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