WhispAir 16" Oscillating Wall Fan

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WhispAir 3 Speed Wall Mounted Fan

Free up floor space and get your air circulating

Plants benefit from a consistent supply of fresh circulated air - when air in your grow tent becomes stale and stagnant, your plants no longer have access to the maximum amount of the carbon dioxide necessary to maintain growth and peak health.

A wall fan can be secured out of the way of your plants to prevent stress or disturbance, while keeping CO2-rich air moving around them. 

Beneath hot grow lamps with the high levels of humidity often required for indoor growing, temperatures can soar. Wall mounted fans are a simple and affordable solution to grow tent overheating. You may choose to direct your fan towards the hottest point of your room, or aim the air flow towards a wall to create an overall cooling bounce back. 

WhispAir Wall Fan Features

  • Size - 40cm/16''
  • Wattage - 50W
  • Speed Settings - Three options for increased control 
  • Positions - Choose between stationary and oscillating for focused air flow or all-round air movement

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