Whispair 6" 150mm Mixed Flow Inline Fan NO BOX

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  • 6”/150mm Low 410M3h High 530M3h 


 The new WhispAir Mixed Flow Fans are an excellent option for anyone looking to start growing indoors. The WhispAir fans offer excellent value for money alongside ease of use. With two speed settings Low and High, all the WhispAir Mixed flow fans come with power leads included, so no need for fan wiring. Instead, enjoy simple plug and play. The two speed settings mean these fans can handle the summer heat by running on high and winter by switching them to run on low.

  • Simple to use just plug and play. 
  • 2 speed settings to deal with seasonal changes. 
  • Amazing value for money. 
  • Moves high volumes of air per hour. 
  • Perfect for beginners. 


How to Use Your Mixed Flow Fan

The WhispAir Mixed Flow Fans work by moving your stale humid air out of your grow room - attach them to our WhispAir Carbon Filter and you can say goodbye to unwanted odours at the same time. Simply attach the fan to the filter using several options of different clips, couplings or clamps. Hang the fan and filter in your grow room, then attach ducting to the other end of the fan, feed the ducting through your extraction sock (ideally through the top of the grow tent) making sure to keep it as straight as you can. 

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