WhispAir Carbon Filters

Size: WhispAir 4" Carbon Filter 100/300 (310m3/h)
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Introducing our brand new carbon filter range from WhispAir. Our WhispAir carbon filters are fitted with a substantial layer (38mm) of high quality RC48 Australian activated carbon, trapping and removing particles from the air, and helping you to control and manage unwanted odours in your grow room.

The carbon is sealed within a lightweight 
pressed aluminium casing, keeping the total weight of the filter to a minimum. This lower weight helps to ease the fitting and hanging of the filter in your grow environment. These filters have been designed to work effectively with the WhispAir Mixed Flow Fans, simply match your filter size to your fan.  

Carbon Filter Features

  • 2 year lifespan for the filter 
  • High quality RC48 Australian carbon 
  • Thick layer of activated carbon - 38mm 
  • Lightweight pressed aluminium 

How to Use Your Filter 

Once you have your WhispAir carbon filter, you must make sure that it matches the fan you're using. This can be done by checking the diameter and air flow rate of the fan. A fan with an air flow rate that is higher than the filter can cope with will mean air will pass too quicky through the filter resulting in smells and particles passing through the carbon. If the diameter does not match your fan, you will not be able to connect unless you’re using a reducer or enlarger. 

Your WhispAir filter can be connected to your extractor fan in a number of ways by either ductingduct clipsrubber couplings or fast clampwhich ever way you choose just ensure its an airtight seal, otherwise your efficiency of the filter will be massively reduced. Do not cover the filter with anything other than the filter pre sleeve which is included, or place too far away from your grow room ideally inside your space or tent otherwise efficiency will be reduced. Hanging your filter is the most effective, this is not always possible with larger filters so simply stand. 

WhispAir Carbon Filters contain 38mm of the highest quality RC48 Australian carbon which, if used correctly, should have at least a 2 year lifespan.  

A huge factor in filters losing performance is moisture, humidity above 75% will reduce the lifespan of the filter more rapidly this tends to happen during propagation when humidity is kept high. Keeping humidity between 40-65% means happy filter and happy plants. 


  • WhispAir carbon filter
  • Filter sleeve
  • User manual
  • Power cable

Tech Specs 

  • Size 4” 100/300mm, Airflow 310m3h. 
  • Size 5” 125/300mm, Airflow 350m3h. 
  • Size 6” 150/400mm, Airflow 700m3h. 
  • Size 8” 200/500mm, Airflow 1250m3h.

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