Zip Zag Smell Proof Bags

Size: Zip Zag Smell Proof Bag XS - Pack 25 (17.1x16cm)
Sale price£12.95


Great for Curing, Transporting and Storing Pungent Materials

Very different from your sandwich / freezer bags yo uget from the supermarket! This is completely different and made with finest quality and most effective storage bags we've come across. They form an air tight seal preventing smells escaping regardless how pungent the material!

Zip-Zags can be used again and again and won't perish or tear, making them a much better investmen

  • Perfect for curing
  • Choose from an array of sizes
  • Leak-proof, resealable and re-useable
  • Low oxygen transfer rate
  • Preserves flavours and aromas
  • Prevents the oxidation of precious essential oils
  • Protects contents from outside pathogens
  • Heat sealable
  • Manufactured in Canada

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