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Showing 1 - 24 of 656 products
Trojan Silver Grow Tents
Sale priceFrom £49.95
Trojan Silver Grow TentsTrojan Tents
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Vitalink pH Test Kit - 4.0-8.5
Canna Terra Professional PLUS Soil Mix 50L
Plagron Light Mix 50L
Sale price£11.95
Plagron Light Mix 50LPlagron
Jiffy Pro7 All+ Mix 50L
Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil 45LEcothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil 45L
WhispAir Carbon FiltersWhispAir Carbon Filters
Sale priceFrom £39.95
WhispAir Carbon FiltersWhispAir
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Gold Label Special Mix 45L
Gold Label Special Mix Light 45L
Canna Boost Accelerator
Sale priceFrom £27.95
Canna Boost AcceleratorCanna
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Canna Coco (A&B)
Sale priceFrom £14.95
Canna Coco (A&B)Canna
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Canna PK 13/14
Sale priceFrom £5.45
Canna PK 13/14Canna
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Guanokalong Powder 5L
2KW Ceramic Grow Room Gorilla Heater

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