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Showing 25 - 48 of 120 products
Essentials PH & EC MetersEssentials PH & EC Meters
Sale priceFrom £44.95
Essentials PH & EC MetersEssentials
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Bluelab Guardian Meter WifiBluelab Guardian Meter Wifi
Sale priceFrom £336.95
Bluelab Guardian Meter WifiBluelab
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PLANT!T Water Timer
Sale price£24.95
PLANT!T Water TimerPlant!t
ONA Mist Dispenser
Sale price£15.95
ONA Mist DispenserONA
ONA Breeze Dispenser
Sale price£44.95
ONA Breeze DispenserONA
Metallised X-Weave Tape 75mm x 46m
Foil Peel Backed Tape
Sale priceFrom £4.95
Foil Peel Backed TapeTickiTape
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Crop Guard Laminade TH 250ml
Aroma Prestige GelsAroma Prestige Gels
Sale priceFrom £8.95
Aroma Prestige GelsAroma Prestige
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Air Comfort Soil Quality Sensor
EASYGROW White Trellis Netting Plant Support (2x10M)EASYGROW White Trellis Netting Plant Support (2x10M)
Chop Chop 18" Automatic Power Trimmer
Silver Cloth Duct/Gaffa Tape
MZ12X Organic Solvent CansMZ12X Organic Solvent Cans
Sale priceFrom £12.00
MZ12X Organic Solvent CansNewport
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